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As the Fishers Freedom Festival approaches its 29th annual event, it gives us cause to reflect. Why have a parade and why would you want to be involved with it? The foundation for this event was built on recreating community pride and community involvement. It is a time to reconnect with family, friends, neighbors and most importantly a sense of fun and enjoyment that so many of us remember from our early childhood.

The Festival Committee has incorporated a parade in our annual event because parades are fun, and it is something the community can become a part of and take pride in. As with most successful events, they are only as successful as the effort put into them. The size of our parade requires a number of individuals to carry it through successfully. That is why it is so important for residents to get involved. Letís help create wonderful memories for you, your children and your grandchildren to reflect on in the years to come. This year our parade will showcase both high school marching bands and color guards, as well as many of your favorite organizations, church groups and Shrine units.

The parade is scheduled for Sunday, June 25th at 4:00PM. The parade line up will be in Technology Park at Technology Lane and Lantern Rd.

The parade will start at Lantern Rd. and Technology Ln. north to Lantern Road to 116th Street. From 116th St. the parade will head west to Holland Dr. and will travel north on Holland Dr. to Ellipse Parkway to Lantern Road and back to Technology Ln. where the parade will end and disband.

Upon the conclusion of the parade, come back to the Entertainment area to listen to Big Daddy Caddy perform some of your favorite songs before the fireworks begin. Don’t forget to pick up your silent auction items by 7PM at the silent auction tent.


Main Parade Entry Form

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